Sunday, February 8, 2015

New York Sports Club Opens March 2

East Villagers are really excited about the New York Sports Club opening March 2nd on Avenue A! Here is a picture of it:

Can you believe those clouds… I mean, that price?! I signed up this afternoon!

This is what the building looked like before it was fixed up:

Freaky weather we've been having!

This might be the first local gym to be above-ground! Others, like Dolphin Fitness on East 4th Street, and Iron & Silk on East 3rd Street, are underground.

This is what it looks like going up their stairs:

Upstairs to New York Sports Club.

They say the view from the top floor is great — I can't wait to see it!

East Villagers love to be above ground!

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  1. > the view from the top floor

    i hope that you will be able to sneak a camera in there and take some photos - of the view(s), of course!


    1. The thought occurred to me that day, to go up there and take a picture. This coming Saturday will be the first time I'll have to go back during daylight — I'll see if I can do it!

    2. just be careful, cautious, and, sneaky!