Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Darn Fine Woodworking

I was walking across East 5th Street about 25 days ago, when I saw this:

Truck behind piece of fence.

What first caught my attention was the way the wood was cut to allow the truck door to open. Darn fine woodworking there!

Then I noticed that the fence put up to block access to the truck cab was only two section wide! Strange, no?

So what holds it in place, I wondered? Upon inspection, I discovered it:

Twister-tie holds truck mirror to fence.

What's the purpose of that fence, to begin with? Is the door to the truck unlocked?

East Villagers love fine woodworking!

#eastvillage #5thstreet #trucks #fences


  1. was that perchance a temporary steam boiler installation?


    1. Temporary in the sense of permanent — it's been there since Sandy!

  2. > since Sandy!

    yow! i guess that all that plywood and fencing is there to protect the tires and engine and cab from the elements.

    i wonder if they get parking tickets? :-)