Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chains and Mysteries, Mysteries and Chains

East Villagers love to chain things up. Any two objects chained together will do. For instance:

Railing chained to lamppost.

On East 6th Street, this single railing is chained to a lamppost. You might think it belongs to Purple Ginger, the restaurant it's in front of, and maybe it does, but why would they chain it to a lamppost instead of bringing it inside? And do they only have this one?

Here is their picture, from the Google camera:

Purple ginger and railing.

No, I don't think it belongs to Purple Ginger. It's just another two things chained together… in the East Village Today!

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  1. btw, when googling 'eastvillagetoday blog', the no. 1 result is


    1. Finally! You may have noticed that I stopped writing "…in the East Village!" and started writing "…in the East Village Today!" I thought that might help!

    2. :-) except this morning, when that other blog that will not post anything mentioning this blog, it came up 1st and EVT was 3rd. :-) darn that goo-gull surch! :-)