Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tompkins Square Park Closed — And Open!

I was out walking around today during the blizzard that wasn't, and I made my way through the snow and wind to Tompkins Square Park, only to find it closed!

Avenue B and East 7th Street entrance, closed.

Park activities must have been one of those things banned during the blizzard.

I walked along East 7th Street, only to find the mid-block entrance closed too!

East 7th Street entrance, closed.

Where were the anarchists from the night before, I wondered? Wasn't keeping the park open one of their pet projects?

The Avenue A and East 7th Street entrance was also closed, but the St. Mark's Place entrance was open!

St. Mark's Place entrance, open.

Whose snowy park?! Our snowy park!

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