Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inside the Door to Nowhere

I haven't posted too many "open doors" lately. They still intrigue me, but when you put them into a blog, they begin to all look the same.

Anyway, next to Horus Cafe, on East 6th Street and Avenue B, I saw this open door, which seems to go nowhere:

Door to nowhere.

And in fact, it does!

A stack of doors, inside the door to nowhere.

This room can only be entered through the door shown at top — there is no other means of entry! What is the point of this?!

Just another one of the mysteries of the East Village!

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  1. maybe if one went through all the doors that are there, one would get somewhere - a time portal of sorts?

    p.s. bases on what your photos show, that may be a place to hold trash until it can be put out on the street?


    1. Indeed, it is a trash room! I went by the next day and it was full of black trash bags. Still, it's weird that it can only be accessed from outside.