Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Before the Blizzard

As you must know by now, the blizzard that was predicted was quite a disappointment! But before we knew that, East Villagers were filled with anticipation!

I was out just before midnight last night, taking pictures. Here are some of them:

Throwing a football, Tompkins Square Park.

Taking a selfie, Tompkins Square Park.

Riding a bike, Avenue B.

A rat path from trash bags to beneath a car. I saw the rat. Gross!

Mr. Plow! Avenue A.

Shortly before Mr. Plow drove by, a group of young people were walking down the middle of the avenue, shouting "Anarchy!" I heard there's a video of them being destructive. It was just like the old days, except anarchists didn't go out in the snow back then!

Delivering the pizza, East 7th Street.

Inside Tompkins Square Park.

Avenue B.

I hope you enjoyed this little excursion into the East Village before the blizzard. Stay tuned for more!

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