Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I was walking across East 11th Street this morning, when I passed Veniero. The first thing I noticed was that most of the letters in their bottom neon sign were not lit:

Burned out neon lights.

Taking a look at the other side, I noticed the same thing:

Burned-out neon, and a flag.

The three letters at the outer end of the sign are lit, and the others are out. That's either a coincidence, or it has something to do with the way neon lighting works.

I was thinking that they should fix this, but then it occurred to me: Why bother? It's not as if there are any other pasticcerias they're in competition with!

DeRoberti is still closed.

They should fix it though, it still looks better.

Sources tell me Veniero was giving away free pastries today, to celebrate their 120th anniversary (note the 1894 sign, above)! I walked right past, and didn't see any indication of free anything! Bleh. I'll bet it was that white banner, in the second picture, above. Pshaw!

How do you pronounce their name? I've always pronounced this ven-ee-AIR-oh, but I've heard people pronounce it ven-EAR-oh.

You say ven-EAR-oh, I say ven-ee-AIR-oh. Let's call the whole thing off… in the East Village!

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  1. neon sign letters are powered in segments, so there can be a break in one segment (or letter) and the other parts (letters) stay lit.


    1. Ah ha! I see. In that case, I suspect there are two other segments out, and they probably went out at different times, so this sign is failing incrementally.