Saturday, December 20, 2014


I was walking across East 9th Street yesterday, when I noticed this place, underground:


It's not uncommon for stores to be underground in the East Village. I looked closer, to see what this was:

Uliana ~ Hair • Makeup.

I wasn't sure if I was reading this correctly: "U…l…i…a…n…a", so I Google'd it.

It turns out Uliana is quite famous, and by the looks of her web site, quite an accomplished color specialist and makeup artist! Which naturally leads me to the question: What's up with that sign?!

I get the whole understated thing. I'm not saying she should move above ground, or into a fancier place, I'm just saying: replace that sign! And do something with those electrical wires — it's not safe to have those plugs exposed like that.

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