Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Shunning of East Village Today

You wouldn't think a blog like East Village Today would have enemies — everyone loves East Village Today! Everyone except:


EV Grieve is the name of a blog. According to a recent post, it's been around for seven years. It was named the best neighborhood blog by one of the free, weekly newspapers.

Why does EV Grieve shun East Village Today? Who knows? I can only tell you what happened.

I started this blog back in August of this year. I have two rules about posts here and comments elsewhere: I never complain; and I never argue with commenters.

As soon as I started posting comments on the EV Grieve blog, I came under immediate attack by other commenters. I refused to respond. Soon, one of them suggested that I was a "bot". A bot! Right away, the EV Grieve blogger implemented the captcha device, which requires commenters to enter words or numbers before the comment can be submitted. This device prevents automated comments from bots.

Of course, since I am not a bot, I continued commenting. Once he saw that, he banned all of my comments. He also banned me from viewing his tweets on Twitter. That was in November.

That's one. The other is:


I've written a couple of times that Ray's should clean their awning. This is the picture of their awning from their Twitter page (dated 2012):

Ray's Candy Store awning, quite clean.

This is what it looked like on December 29:

Ray's Candy Store awning, covered in filth.

Lately, I've been writing about the competition that's risen between Ray's and Avenue A Classic Food, a store that recently opened next door. Then, the other night, I wanted to check Ray's Twitter page, and I found that I was banned from it! The last tweet of mine that shows up beneath one of theirs is dated December 4, so it happened some time after that.

That's it. There might be others, but they're not people/blogs I follow, so I'm not aware of them. Even these two are hardly worth mentioning, but since it's the end of the year, the time when people tie up loose ends, I decided I'd dispense with it.

But this is East Village Today — East Village Today doesn't look back!

So stay cool, East Village, and get ready for an awesome 2015!

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  1. i think that EVT should just jump ahead to 2016 and be done with it. leave those other blogs behind and report from the future! tell them: 'this is what you will be posting about next week...'.

    either that, or else they are just plain jealous?


    1. I don't think it's jealously — it wouldn't make sense. Neither case makes any sense.

      Anyway, "Don't look back!", that's my motto — I only mentioned it so it wouldn't gnaw at me all through 2015!