Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Price War Has Begun

I was walking up Avenue A this morning when I saw that the newly-opened store, Avenue A Classic Food, had their window full of signs:

Window full of signs, and cigarettes.

Who is going to stand there and read all of that?!

But then I saw it — the sign at the bottom/center:

All cigarette $12.

The price war has begun!

As you may remember, Ray's Candy Store, which is right next door, sells cigarettes for $13:

This picture is from November 23.

Today, Ray's window looked like this:

The cigarette sign is gone, but they now sell quesadillas!

This is the kind of competition East Villagers love — "I'm not going to pay a lot for this… pack of cigarettes!"

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  1. they are selling 'dunhil' brand cigareets? buyer beware! the well known brand is called 'dunhill'. i smell a bait and switch.