Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Twist in Avenue A Cigarette Price War

A new twist has emerged in the Avenue A cigarette price wars!

For a quick update: read this.

I was walking up Avenue A the other day, when I saw this:

Cigarettes 12.50.

The Sahara Deli, a little further up Avenue A from Rays and Classic Food, now sells cigarettes for $12.50!

I'm sure they're not trying to position themselves between Ray's and Classic Food, as the moderate alternative. They probably see their customers as coming down from St. Mark's Place rather than up from East 7th Street, and willing to spend the extra 50¢ to save the time and effort of walking through the derelict section of Avenue A, to the end of the block:

Derelict section of Avenue A, below Sahara Deli.

It's funny, the thinking that goes into something like pricing cigarettes… in the East Village Today!

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