Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Sign on Avenue C

I was walking down Avenue C this evening, when I saw this new sign at a deli that's been open for about a year now:

Essa Deli sign.

It's much nicer now! This is what they looked like back in September:

5th Street Deli Grocery, with crusties.

They probably have a new owner, if they have a new name. There's a bagel store on First Avenue called Ess-A-Bagel, which in German means Eat A Bagel. I don't think this place means Eat A Deli. I suspect it's either the owner's name, or the town where he's from.

This is what Urban Dictionary says:
This is an Arabic name for males which means shine of sun. It is also the name for Jesus.
People with this name are very social, like to meet new faces, are loyal friends, appreciate the smallest things, like to be gentleman. They know what is important to them and they will stick to a plan to reach their goals and make their dreams possible. They are hardworking, very charming, sweet, and definitely good looking.
I have the feeling that someone named Essa wrote this entry!

One more thing about this sign: the lights alternate from green to red to blue. Seriously cool!

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  1. crusties... with their dog, too.

    :-) if you want to be a real crusty, you have those kinds of clothes, that dirty dark green color. :-)


    1. I just had the best idea! That empty store on Avenue A that turned on their lights last night? They could sell crusty clothes — they could call it Crustywear! Everything for the crusty: clothes, dog accessories, cell phone chargers…