Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meanwhile, Next Door…

While things are heating up between Ray's Candy Store and Avenue A Classic Food over cigarette prices, further up the block, nothing has changed:

Empty storefronts and crustie gear.

I passed by three crusties in Tompkins Square Park as I was walking over this way, and none of them had their gear with them. When I emerged onto Avenue A and saw this, I knew where it was.

It's funny how they just leave their stuff unattended — and where's their dog?!

#eastvillage #crusties #avenuea


  1. are you sure that wasn't just garbage? :-)

    it would have been interesting to do an urban anthropological study of the contents of those...


    1. Well, you know… who can say?

      Yes, it would be very interesting to see what they carry around with them. I'm not up to the task, though!