Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Local Starbucks Fixes Sidewalk Café Railing

I was walking up Second Avenue yesterday, when I passes the local Starbucks Coffee. Their outdoor railing was on the ground:

Local Starbucks with railings on the ground.

I thought to myself, as I passed: That railing extends beyond the distance allowed for sidewalk cafés!

All sidewalk cafés must maintain a minimum clear path of eight (8) feet between the outer limit of the café and any object near the curb, including the curbstone. When a sidewalk is wider than 16 feet, the amount of clear path must be 50% of the distance from the building to the curb line.

Today, I passed by again, and saw that they had fixed the situation:

Local Starbucks railing now within the legal limit.

Keeping the sidewalks clear… in the East Village!

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