Sunday, December 14, 2014

His Master's Rucksack

The McDonald's on Third Avenue, just above St. Mark's Place, has become something of a hangout for local crusties.

Yesterday, I was walking up Third Avenue, when I saw this:

Crustie dog with no crustie.

Here is a close-up:

He looks a bit shell-shocked.

I saw the dog's owner down St. Mark's Place, walking towards Third Avenue with one of those jumbo-sized cans of iced tea in his hand. How did I know it was this dog's owner? He didn't have a dog or a rucksack with him!

#eastvillage thirdavenue #stmarksplace #crusties #mcdonalds


  1. even the dog is that crustie color - yikes!


    1. I think it's a requirement, part of the crustie code!