Monday, December 22, 2014

Gem Spa Replaces Awning

It really must be Christmas! Every day, new repairs are made, from painting to fixing steps, to replacing an old, drab, falling-apart awning:

Gem Spa awning, on left.

with something new:

New Gem Spa awning.

The new awning extends further, to align with the to the right of it, on St. Mark's Place. It also matches their letters!

Unfortunately, there's one flaw in this new awning:

Flaw in new awning.

There is a space before and after each asterisk, except for the last one — there's no space between the asterisk and the word "coffee". I'll never be able to look at this awning without seeing that!

It looks like they're playing down the egg cream bit, moving it up onto the angled panel of the awning, where it's not as easy to read. I guess having New York's best egg cream is not as important as souvenirs, or an ATM inside.

Still, it's a darn fine awning, and East Villagers are delighted to have it!

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