Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Frank's and Timmy's Passenger Seats

I was walking across East 10th Street yesterday, when I passed by this:

Old-fashioned bicycle wrapped in plastic and tape.

On closer inspection, I saw:

Frank's passenger seat.

They probably taped the sign across the basket to discourage people from putting their trash into it!

As I continued on my way, a few steps later I happened onto this:

Another old-fashioned bicycle wrapped in plastic and tape.

…with, once again, a basket sign:

Timmy has a Santa!

I wonder how comfortable these bicycle baskets are for small dogs — it seems the wires would press between the pads in their paws! Plus, how safe can those things be!

I also wonder if one person has two bikes, one for each dog.

I also wonder how often these bikes are used, wrapped up in plastic and tape, as they are.

Wondering, wondering, wondering… in the East Village!

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