Sunday, December 21, 2014

East 9th Street West Virginia Begins Repairs

It seems like just yesterday I was pointing out the positive effects this blog has had in the East Village, when shockingly, this happens:

Bottom step repaired, rickety old gate removed.

The East 9th Street West Virginia building has begun repairs on the stoop! They removed the rickety old gate, and fixed the bottom step.

This is truly remarkable — there is no question that East Village Today had something to do with this!

Here are previous stories about this building:

East 9th Street West Virginia
East Villagers love to be prodded into action!

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  1. thanks for the update. i might add that the iron work of the gate was not in keeping with the iron work of the stairs - two different styles - so taking that way gate away does make sense. i have no idea where one would even find a gate with iron to match the stairs?


    1. You're welcome! I view this as a public service.

      I don't think any gate will go back. They would have had to embed its foundation at the time they poured the cement (I think).

    2. you are correct about having to embed the gate in the cement. the alternative would be to attach the gate to the iron work of the hand rails, but might be iffy? i don't think the original stairs had the gate anyway, so they are restoring it back to the original look, i guess.