Wednesday, November 5, 2014

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

I didn't even notice that the newspaper boxes were all yellow when I took this picture today, on East 9th Street, at the corner of Avenue A.

A Springy Fall day.

I saw this woman as we met at the corner, but it was too late to get a front-facing picture, and I didn't like the angle anyway (sour grapes!).

I took this picture, then crossed the street and hastened my step, so as to pass her, then turn around and come back and get a picture facing her, but she went into a building! Drat!

The coat by itself would have been worth the picture, but the yellow hair made it the perfect funky East Village outfit!

And the yellow boxes? They don't really matter. They're just coincidences. The picture would actually be better without them.

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