Monday, November 3, 2014

True North

I was walking across East 13th Street this past Sunday, and without paying any attention, I crossed the frontier! I was no longer in the East Village!

Suddenly, I came onto this building, called True North, at the corner of Fourth Avenue and East 13th Street, just below Union Square:

True North.

What first struck me was the clock…

Actually, what I first noticed was the water tower, even before I got to the building itself:

Two water towers.

The one on the bottom/left is a regular water tower, the one on the top/right is yellow! It was the yellow that caught my eye. When I went to take a picture of it, I saw the other one, and reframed my shot to include it.

It was then that I got to the front of the building and saw the clock.

Clocks add something to a building. The clock on the Carl Fisher Building and the Con Ed building are two that come to mind, and now there's this one.

Here' a close-up:

The pointy thing points true north!

True North's web site says this building is "the brands [sic] boutique property … Each of the 48 units has its own unique design features." That's like saying no two snowflakes are alike!

I think they should just say they have a big, cool clock, and a yellow water tower with hand-holdy people painted on it!

Then again, it's outside the boundaries of the East Village. How cool can it really be?

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