Friday, November 21, 2014

The Neighbor's Bench

Back in August, I wrote about this bench, the Hell's Angel's bench, on East 3rd Street:

Not for hotel guests.

Today, I passed by again, and this time I noticed this sign, on the building next door:


Presumably, this is the hotel!

Just now, I was looking for a photo of a scary-looking Hell's Angel, so I could say he delivered the message to the hotel, and I came across a blog post from 2007, where the author said he was advised by neighbors against taking photos of the Hell's Angel's building. (He always seemed timid to me.) Why even ask? You could have the picture taken in less time than it takes to form the question! I've taken many photos of their building, their motorcycles, even their bench! Maybe I was just lucky — each time.

{{{Scary}}} East Village!

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