Thursday, November 6, 2014

Public Service Announcement

Just the other day, I wrote about people putting litter into the baskets of parked bicycles. At the time, I thought about writing how people also place their litter onto the tops of garbage bags sitting beside the curb, but I decided to wait until the opportunity arose to address it directly. That time is now.

Probably more than putting their litter into bicycle baskets, East Villagers love to put it onto the tops of garbage bags sitting beside the curb. They think that the garbage men will take it away when they collect the trash.

They don't.

The litter you put onto top of garbage bags sitting beside the curb does not get thrown into the backs of garbage trucks. It simply falls to the ground directly below where you left it.

Witness this scene on St. Mark's Place this morning:

The litter stays behind.

There is only one solution to this, as I wrote before: Throw your litter onto the ground yourself! Don't leave it for someone else to throw down, or let fall. This is your East Village — throw it down right where you stand!

This has been a public service announcement from East Village Today.

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