Monday, November 3, 2014

Paul's Da Burger Joint

Paul's is one of those da burger joints that people love to talk about. It's located on Second Avenue, just below St. Mark's Place.

Paul's Da Burger Joint.

Here are a couple of ideas how Paul's could fix itself up to look better: 1) Get rid of the flag – it covers the sign; 2) Get rid of that hand-drawn sign – it's a total mess and repels more people than it attracts; 3) Move the double-burger statue away from the edge of the building – it does no good back there – close to the tree-line would be good.

Paul's is hemmed in on both sides by the awnings of his neighbors – there's nothing they can do about that, so they need to open up their front more. (By the looks of it, their own awning is in bad shape, so thankfully they keep it withdrawn!)

On the other hand, the neon lights in the windows are great! They're the right size, properly spaced, not glaring… The problem is that the flag, hand-drawn sign, and burger sculpture all work to visually block them.

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