Sunday, November 16, 2014


I was a paparazzo today!

I was walking up The Bowery when I saw a bunch of photographers standing in front of The Bowery Hotel:

At first I stood to the right of where the man is leaning into the SUV, talking with another guy with a camera who happened onto the scene just before I did. He didn't know who was coming out either!

We talked for a minute or so, until I realized that no matter who it was, I wouldn't recognize her (I'm sure it was a woman), and that a picture of paparazzi would be more interesting, so I crossed over and took it!

Life in the fast lane, East Village style!

#eastvillage #thebowery #boweryhotel #photographers


  1. they were waiting for me, but I slipped out the back way.


    1. Wow, good thing I didn't wait then — it was cold, and I'd have been there a long time!