Thursday, November 27, 2014

Inside Former Snack Dragon

On November 12, I took pictures of the inside of the former Snack Dragon, a hole-in-the-wall (literally) eating place on East 3rd Street. Today, it's empty, and looks like this:

Tiny little place.

You have to wonder how anyone operated out of this place!

Whoever moves in will have some fixing up to do, although they might not fix anything — East Villagers love this kind of motif!

#eastvillage #snackdragon #inside #3rdstreet #disrepair


  1. nice effect! it looks like the cars are driving in from the right!


    1. Yeah, that wasn't intentional though. I tried blocking the reflection but I couldn't get all of it. It does look intentional though, the way the reflection doesn't cover the fire extinguisher and paint can…

      As always, thank you!

    2. i will usually have the front of the camera lens touching the store window - that tends to seal out most reflections, but i do sometimes get the camera lens reflected back into the photo.


    3. I try to do that too, but it's not always easy to focus with the lens already on the glass. If I focus first, sometimes putting it onto the glass causes the lens to retract a bit. It's always something!