Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Honest Chops

I was walking across East 9th Street this morning, when I passed this place, Honest Chops:

Whole animal butcher.

Whole animal butcher? Now you know where to go for snouts!

Locally sourced.

And… locally-sourced animals. Hmmm. What animals are local? None that I eat!

Did you notice how there's a poorly-kerned hyphen between "all" and "natural," but no hyphen at all between "locally" and "sourced"? The second line is all over the place: there's a gap between the "h" and the "o" in "whole"; "animal" is all crunched together; "butcher" is decent…

Anyway, snouts — that's the key thing. And feet. Good eating, in the East Village!

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