Tuesday, November 11, 2014

HDR Filter Scott-5

The Sculpture for Living building just keeps looking better all the time!

I had a bit of free time at work today.

East Villagers love free time at work!

#eastvillage #sculptureforliving


  1. i am having problems googling for this blog. googling 'east village today blog' or for ' "east village today" blog' or for 'eastvillagetoday' does not put you on the first page of search results. googling 'eastvillagetoday blog' does get you on the first page. however, those other searches should also.


  2. Wow, that's strange. I just did a search using a browser I never use and it didn't come up even in the first ten! My settings are such that it should be searchable. I added the blog name to the meta tags section (having "East Village" wasn't enough, I guess). Maybe that will help. Thanks!