Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't Look Down

Here's a helpful hint to budding photographers: Don't look down!

OK, sometimes you have to look down, like when it's raining and you're approaching a curb, to see if there's a puddle there you might be splashed by. But just know that when you do, you'll miss a picture!

This morning, as I was approaching East 9th Street, on Third Avenue, I looked down to see if there was a puddle by the curb that I might be splashed by. When I looked back up, I saw this guy on the Citibike approaching. It was too late to get the picture! The best I could do was get this picture of him riding away.

Citibiker with umbrella, riding away.

It's better than a stick in the eye, I suppose, but let that be a lesson to you: Things in the East Village happen quickly, and then they're gone!

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