Sunday, November 2, 2014

Do Not Feed the Pigeons

East Villagers love to feed the pigeons that inhabit Tompkins Square Park. Other East Villagers love to put up signs that mimic Parks Department signs, telling people to not feed the pigeons.

Here is one of those signs, that I saw today:

Not a Parks Department sign.

(Let me just say though – this is a well-made sign! Auto-leading results in the middle line being closer to the top line than the bottom line is to the middle – I would bring "pigeons" up a bit, then center it all top/bottom – but apart from that… very nice.)

Pigeons are skittish birds — the least noise sets them off, like a dog barking, or a kid screaming "Roar!" at them!

Pigeons flying.

I would like to thank the person who put the pigeon feed so close to this sign, providing me with this true-to-life East Village picture.

So, Thanks!

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