Thursday, November 6, 2014


There is a very popular muralist in the East Village who goes by the name Chico. He paints murals all over the East Village.

Croxley's Ale House is a popular bar on Avenue B that paid (probably) Chico to paint a mural of a band from Queens, that was very popular in the East Village about 35 years ago, called The Ramones:

The Ramones, by Chico.

I mentioned The Ramones in another post. They were most famous for their songs "Rock and Roll High School", and "Pet Sematary", that was used in the 1989, Stephen King movie with the same title.

You might think that this mural was done by Moe, or Papa, or MC, but I assure you, it was Chico. Take a closer look at the bottom/right, just before "MC". That's his signature!

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