Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I've dealt with the idea of borderlines before, and I've shown pictures of a couple of them.

When drawing borders, there's always someone on one side who should be on the other. That's a problem with borders, and why most (all?) should not exist.

But they do, and for now we have to live with them. One of these borders is Third Avenue. The yellow line that runs down the middle is what divides the East Village on the east from…

But these lines are not accidental; there's a reason they're chosen. This is one of those reasons: on the west side of Third Avenue, outside of the East Village:

Vegetables at the Westside Market on Third Avenue.

East Villagers love things to be chaotic — once you leave, order takes over! Look at how precisely these vegetables are arranged. Look how fresh they are. In the East Village, they'd be shriveled and under the stand!

Nothing stops East Villagers from crossing the avenue to buy these vegetables, but they don't do it. Not only is it neatly arranged, but it's cheaper! East Villagers prefer the food in bodegas, that is expensive and old.

Coolness comes with a price!

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