Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Very Groovy Bus

I was walking up Avenue A this afternoon, when I spotted a "Groovy Bus":

Side view.

The backside panel says "Made in Brooklyn". Maybe they were visitors from Brooklyn?!

Front view.

I don't know anything about this bus: who was on it; why it was here… Maybe it's like the Chicken Bus?

All I know is that people were probably having a good ol' time… in the East Village!

#eastvillage #avenuea #groovy


  1. to help google find 'east village today', you might want to log in to your blog and click your way to 'my blogs > settings > basic' and then edit the 'description' list so the order looks something like: 'East Village Today, Lower East Side, East Village, New York City' - putting your blog name first. that should make your blog name come up in searches.


    1. Thanks. I did this. I also read that web bots search for terms within the pages, not the name of the blog itself, so it might be a while before it starts showing up. I appreciate your help!