Saturday, November 1, 2014

Along East 13th Street

I was walking along East 13th Street the other morning, and I saw a couple of interesting-looking storefronts.

What does "interesting" mean in the East Village? I don't really know. Everything is interesting in the East Village. So to be interesting in the East Village means… to be in the East Village!

It makes perfect sense.

This place is called The Flower Stall. As with snowcone sellers, it was probably once run as an outdoor flower stall, before moving indoors.

No longer a flower stall.

It does look like a stall. A bit of paint on that rusty girder would help. And the gate. And the window and door frames. The door is nice!

This is a picture of the inside:

Inside The Flower Stall– no flowers at all.

Right next door is Apartment 141:

Apartment 141.

I don't know if they look this way all year 'round or if this was just for Halloween. It's a cool look. A bit dingy, but it shows effort.

You have to wonder how anyone would know it's a dress shop though.

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