Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oktoberfest on the East River

This isn't technically the East Village, but since I mentioned Zum Schneider recently, I think it fits.

Guess who's having an Oktoberfest celebration in a tent on the East River?

Zum Schneider!

Can you believe it?! How great is that?!

I saw this as I rode my Citibike up the river to work on Friday:

Zum Schneider Wiesn tent on the East River.

It's just past the end of Avenue C, on the other side of the FDR (naturally!)

Do you know what "Wiesn" means? It means "Oktoberfest"! Who knew?!

And this just gets better. Take a look at what else will be there!

Zum Schneider Weisen Karussel.

A carousel. Karussel, in German.

A fun time is sure to be had by all!


If you're like me, you're probably wondering what's on the other side of the tent. Well, this is:

Behind the Zum Schneider Weisn tent.

So revellers will be able to see the river, but won't be able to fall in! And that's good, because people at Oktoberfest parties have been known to get a bit tipsy!

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