Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oktoberfest Has Started!

Do you want to know what's great about Citibikes? It doesn't matter where you are (inside the area serviced), if you need a bike to go somewhere, there's one close by!

Today I passed by Zum Schneider and remembered their tent up on the East River. If I had to go back home to get my bike, I would not have gone up. As it was, I was a block away from a station. I simply got on a bike and rode up!

People were already lining up to get inside:

People lining up to get inside.

The tent was large enough to hold hundreds of revellers!

Inside the tent.

Inside the tent, closeup.

There was room outside, too!

"Anything you can drink, I can drink bigger"!

What Oktoberfest would be complete without an oom-pah-pah band?!

An oom-pah-pah band playing for the crowd.

A great time was being had by all! It really made me wish I drank beer! Next week I'm going to go up and have a pretzel and a bratwurst!

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