Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mosaic Towel Rack Graffiti Door

It's funny how you sometimes see things in pictures you take that you don't see at the time you take them. This is on St. Mark's Place, by the way.

What drew me to this was the mosaic beside the graffiti door, but looking at it just now, I see not one but two towel racks attached to the walls!

The lower one, beside the doorknob, makes some sense, as a handrail, assuming the person who lives here needs a handrail in order to cross the threshold, but the other one, to the right of the window, makes no sense at all.

Seemingly pointless towel racks.

This is how many things are in the East Village today — they look like one thing, but turn out to be another, and they're oftentimes hidden.


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