Tuesday, October 28, 2014

John Varvatos Store

The John Varvatos store on The Bowery at Bleecker Street is a very cool, but very expensive clothes store in the East Village.

John Varvatos store.

There used to be a bar in this space, called CBGB. Back in the 1970s (40 years ago!) a lot of popular bands played here. You might have heard of some of them: Talking Heads, Blondie, The Ramones, to name a few.

These bands played in other bars and theaters too, not just CBGB. I don't think it can be said that any of them became famous for having played there. It's more the other way around — CBGB became famous because of them. The owner made millions, setting up stores in other cities, and with his on-line store. I think there's even a store in Las Vegas! Eventually, he got old and closed the bar.

Anyway, that's all in the past now, and this is the East Village Today!

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