Monday, October 20, 2014

Pickle Day

Yesterday was Pickle Day! It wasn't in the East Village though, it was in the Lower East Side, on Orchard Street, right across Houston Street from the East Village. Yours truly was there with my camera.

Some of the pickle events were very popular, and the lines were long:

Long lines.

More long lines.

There were pickles of all varieties: deep-fried pickles, pickles on a stick, pickles on a toothpick, and pickled cabbage.

Deep-friend pickles.

Posing with a Pickle On A Stick.

Pickle on a toothpick.

Even pickled cabbage!

Of course, Pickle Day would not be complete without a visit from Mr. Pickle!

Mr. Pickle posing with the crowd.

Being with the press, I was afforded a view behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes on Pickle Day.

Behind the scenes 2.

Even celebrities were drawn to the event:


There was even a ten-year-old DJ, playing dance music for the younger crowd:

DJ Pickle spins the tunes.

It was fun for the whole family!

Baby with a pickle.

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