Thursday, September 11, 2014

Those Falling Eaves

What do you notice about this building on First Avenue?

Building on First Avenue.

If your answer was "The condition of the eaves," then you're right!

As with every other aspect of tenement buildings, the eaves were cheap material covered by other cheap material. It looks like the outer layer was falling off, so someone (the owner?) removed it and hasn't got around to fixing it yet.

Something else I noticed is the small window beside the larger window in the center of the building. These are the kind you usually only see in air shafts or in bathrooms. Since this is the front of the building, it's not an air shaft window, but it's hard to imagine that it's a bathroom window. It's an East Village window!

Another thing I noticed is the preponderance of wires across the front of the building. These are everything but electricity which, fortunately for the residents, was invented before the building was constructed!

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