Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dinosaur HIll

Dinosaur Hill is a toy and clothes store on East 9th Street.

I've bought many things from them over the years. Until kids get to the age where they ask exclusively for video games or money, you should always be able to find something good for them here. Even after they reach that age!

So why is their sign in such poor condition?

Dinosaur Hill sign in poor condition.

It can't be for lack of money — it can't cost that much to make a sign like this. There must be a dozen artists who would do the job in exchange for some quantity of merchandise.

The decay extends into the name of the store itself.

It's a similar problem the 9th Street Haberdashery has. There's nothing inherently wrong with using wood for a sign, or a fence, but it has to be taken care of. Metal rusts — wood disintegrates.


  1. It suits the store vibe, and hands down Dinosaur Hill is the BEST toy store , anywhere.

  2. I like Dinosaur Hill, as I wrote. Here's the thing though: When they moved in, their sign was new, and if fit their "vibe". All these years later, the sign is showing its wear. Why not just repair it?