Sunday, September 7, 2014

10th Street Block Fair

East Villagers love street fairs. There are fairs on nearly every street of the East Village during the Summer and early Fall. Today was the East 10th Street Block Fair.

Street Fairs are where East Villagers go to make new purchases, things they would normally buy in a store, but now buy from a table in the street.

Cars are not permitted to drive through street fairs.

People take their Citibikes everywhere, even street fairs!

You can get anything at a street fair!

Coffee Time with Carlos & Patrick.
I'm not sure what's supposed to happen here.

Relaxing in the shade!

A jazz band plays for passers-by.

Somewhere, some kid refused to practice.

Trying on a new wig.

Saying goodbye to the 10th Street Block Fair, until next year!

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