Thursday, July 20, 2017

Second Avenue Street Fair

If you think East Villagers love gyros, you're right!

We love them so much that at a recent Second Avenue Street Fair, that's almost all there was to eat!

Gyros on 14th Street.

Gyros on 13th Street.

Gyros on 12th Street.

Look at the fifth movie in the list: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner To Eat Gyros!

There was even a bodega-looking gyro stand:

Bodega gyros on 11th Street.

And finally:

Gyros on 10th Street.

But… what if the gyro doesn't fill you?

That's why they have sweet roasted corn!

Sweet roasted corn on 13th Street.

Sweet roasted corn on 11th Street.

$3 at both locations? I wonder if there's a sweet roasted corn cartel?

Not everyone comes to the Second Avenue Street Fair for the food though. Many come for locally-produced goods:

Locally-woven baskets.

More locally-woven baskets.

Some basket stands even had locally-produced masks and talismans:

Locally-produced masks and talismans.

The mask and talisman vendor said "No pictures" to the guy in the blue shirt.

"Oh, OK" he said.

Clearly, he's not a photographer!

Not a photographer.

There was even a stand where you could buy locally-woven rugs!

Locally-woven rugs.

As always, there were novelty items:

Novelty items.

Who doesn't hate thick wallets? All that money…

For some reason, many gyro vendors couldn't make it this year, as can be seen by all the empty spaces:

Empty space on 12th Street.

Empty space between 11th and 12th Street. 

Empty space in front of St. Mark's Church on The Bowery.

Empty space near 10th Street.

For that matter, many East Villagers didn't make it either:

Few and far between.

It was such a nice day, they probably went to the beach!

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Free Samples

The beloved 16 Handles, on Second Avenue, was handing out free samples of their delicious frozen yogurt this past Sunday, as you can see here:

Free samples.

16 Handles has proven to be a long-standing favorite of East Villagers, outlasting even the beloved Pinkberry!

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Art On The Street

With little imagination, and a can of paint, anything can become art!

Behold this open-air art gallery, on East 7th Street this past Sunday afternoon:

Paint and art.

I think the mannequin is from a tattoo parlor!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blocked Entrance

If you've got a good memory, then you will remember a story I wrote, oh, about two years and seven months ago, about the beloved Uliana, and the steep steps you had to walk down to get inside.

I thought that would be the steepest staircase I'd find in the East Village, until this past Sunday.

Behold, the beloved Duo NYC, on East 9th Street (not very far from Uliana!), and their cellar entrance:

Cellar entrance.

My first thought was: That can't be right. That sign can't be indicating that the entrance is down those cellar stairs, so I looked at the other side:

The other side.

Yup! There's no doubt about it!

I just wonder: Why did they block the entrance with that sign?

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Crusties vs. Bookseller

Walking around the East Village today, I noticed that the guy who usually blocks half the sidewalk on Second Avenue with his book tables had moved onto St. Mark's Place:

On St. Mark's Place.

In his place on Second Avenue were these crusties:


I'm going to guess that the crusties were already in place when the bookseller arrived, and he didn't even bother trying to set up there!

Who will claim the space tomorrow? Stay tuned!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Way Up

I was walking across East 9th Street, oh, about fifteen days ago, when I saw these masking-taped stairs, directing people up and away from the wet paint:

Up and away.

How do you get down though?!

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Artsy Bird Spikes

Keeping with the East Village's love of all things artsy and crafty, the people at the beloved Tsumiki hair, on East 9th Street, have adorned their air conditioner with very clever bird spikes.

Very clever.

They're miniature trees!

Miniature trees.

Maybe they can come up with a clever shelf for the A/C to sit on too, before it falls on someone's new hair-do!

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Glove Finger

When you point a glove finger, a glove finger points back at you!

Glove finger, pointing back at you.

Scary, but true!

Oh yes, in a wheelbarrow, inside Tompkins Square Park.

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Interesting Trash

It's sort of funny that the people at Neighborhood Square objected to my trash pictures — I was all ready to embark on a new series called "Interesting things in trash cans"!

These pictures from last Sunday show interesting things outside of trash cans, but it's a start!

This first one is from Avenue A and East 11th Street. It's a volleyball.


This plastic snow shovel and stuffed animal are on Avenue A and East 9th Street:

Plastic snow shovel and stuffed animal.

If you look closely at the trash can, and the lamp post, you'll see two stickers that are very similar:

Similar sticker 1.

Similar sticker 2.

Two different stickers, the first one die-cut with bleed — clearly this fellow is serious about spreading the good news of wallak love!

This next picture is from a block away, on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place. It's an abandoned television set.

Abandoned television set.

As a commenter on Instagram wrote: Someone hung on to that TV way too long!

Only when you get over to Avenue C does the trash begin to resemble trash again:

Real trash.

The more I think about it, the more I think the series should be: Interesting things in and around trash cans!

Maybe… they don't even have to be interesting!

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Blocked Sewer

This sewer grate on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place demonstrates why the East Village is prone to localized flooding:

Blocked sewer grate.

That plus it's built on a swamp!

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