Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mr. Ed's Head

I was walking down Avenue A recently (before Halloween), when I saw this sculpture of a Mr. Ed outside the beloved and bona fide Bondfade Barbers:

Mr. Ed.

Here is a close-up up its nostrils:

Up its nostrils.


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Friday, October 27, 2017

Secret Message

East Villagers are way into mysticism — from gypsy fortune tellers to anarchist conspiracy theories to numerology, mysticism abounds!

Here is a numerological message I saw while walking down East 7th Street last week:

123 23 72 723:2.

123 23 is the postal code for Farsta, Sweden.

723-2 (with a hyphen, not a colon) is the set number for a Lego Diesel Locomotive with DB Sticker.

I'm sure it's a message of some sort or another!

#eastvillage #7thstreet #mysticism #numerology #farsta #sweden #legos

Pile Of Wood Day

Yesterday must have been Pile Of Wood Day!

First, I saw this pile outside El Jardin Del Paraiso, on East 4th Street:

This pile.

It seems like only three months ago that El Jardin Del Paraiso stacked their branches on the sidewalk!

Soon after that, I saw this pile, on St. Mark's Place (of all places!):

Of all places.

This is the downside of trees!

#eastvillage #4thstreet #pileofwood #stmarksplace

Leave LegoMan Alone!

I post about this small piece of wall on East 4th Street so often, I'm thinking of starting a new blog devoted to it!

I think I'll call it: thissmallpieceofwall.com

Everyone knows the LegoMan / IsThatPhoebe / Humen Bote / Eiffel Tower Postcard / graffiti wall, right?

Take a look are what happened to Lego Man:

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs face sticker.

There's a J.R. "Bob" Dobbs face on him! Who even knew sub-geniuses were still a thing?!

Five short days later, the sticker was gone:

Sticker is gone.

But the cat was out of the bag, so to speak — LegoMan can no longer remain unsullied:


It's like My Favorite Martian meets Bender!

#eastvillage #4thstreet #graffiti #humenbote #isthatphoebe #jrbobdobbs #legoman #myfavoritemartian #bender

Baby In Car

I was walking across East 7th Street recently a couple of weeks ago, when I saw this sticker in the back window of this car:

Sticker in back window.

Here is a close-up:


What?! They left a baby in the car?!

They didn't even crack the windows!

#eastvillage #7thstreet #cars #signs #babyincar

Cute Aliens Mural

The outside wall of the beloved Foot Gear Plus on St. Mark's Place and First Avenue changes murals faster than they change inventory!

I saw this mural a mere seventeen days ago:

Cute aliens.

Did I say "a mere seventeen days ago"? In mural-years, that's a lifetime — it's probably already changed!

#eastvillage #firstavenue #footgearplus #murals #stmarksplace

Little Pink Heads

You can find art in the strangest of places in the East Village.

Take these little pink heads, for example, attached to the base of a lamppost on First Avenue:

Little pink heads.

They look almost like the ceramic head outside the ceramic studio on St. Mark's Place, but then all little ceramic heads look the same!

#eastvillage #ceramics #firstavenue #lampposts

Atop Cellar Doors

If you thought sitting atop cellar doors was privilege reserved only for restaurant patrons, think again!

Now you can sit, or even lie, on this abandoned couch on East 2nd Street, atop the cellar doors there:

Atop cellar doors.

There's an old saying that there are two things you should always do when you have a chance: pee, and sit down.

In the East Village, you can always sit.

Come to think of it, you can always pee too!

#eastvillage #2ndstreet #abandonedcouches #cellardoors #pee #sit

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Nice Chair

Sometimes, when you're walking around the East Village, you get tired and want to sit down.

Luckily, a chair is never far away, such as this one, on East 6th Street:

Not far away.

It even comes with its own bird seed, in case you forget yours at home!

#eastvillage #6thstreet #abandonedchairs #birdseed

Against The Hawks

I think the hawks should be removed from Tompkins Square Park.

To begin with, the presence of the hawks has contributed significantly to the explosion in the rat population in the park, and surrounding areas. When the hawks moved in, the Parks Department stopped putting out poison to kill the rats.

Also, since the hawks arrived, East Villagers have had to suffer this sort of carnage (seen in Tompkins Square Park):


City parks are not meant to harbor wildlife; there's something sinister about nature invading a city.

The Parks Department should trap the hawks and move them to the Adirondacks, where they belong.

#eastvillage #carnage #hawks #pigeons #ratpoison #rats #tompkinssquarepark