Friday, October 20, 2017

This Space Reserved

There are many novel ways to reserve a parking space on the street in the East Village.

This is one of them:

Space reserved.

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Art Imitates Anti-Pigeon Contraption

I was walking across East 7th Street last night, when I saw this sign:


I looked around me for the fence being described, and I found it:


It's a good thing that sign was there, or I would never have known that was art, and not just some kind of contraption put up to keep pigeons out!

We need more signs like this, to point out all the other works of art that oftentimes get missed, due to their looking like heaps of scrap metal and such.

(I just want to say how cool it is that my favorite computer program designed its logo to honor this artist!)


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More Tree Guards

East 4th Street has some of the most curious tree guards in all of the East Village!

Here is one:

Tree guard.

Was the tree guard made too small, or was the cut in the sidewalk made too large? And why are there only three sides to it?

Here is another, that looks like a cemetery fence:

Cemetery fence.

It even has a gate!


Now that The City is finished refurbishing our curbs, I think their next project should be to remove all tree guards in the East Village, and replace them with new, identical ones!

That would be so cool.

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T ell M aM a

Ever since the formerly-beloved Best Chinese Foot & Back Rub was closed for prostitution, East Villagers have been searching for a new place to get their, uh, Chinese health and stuff.

The beloved Tell MaMa Chinese Health Salon, on East 6th Street, looks like it might fit the bill!

Tell MaMa.

If it's safe to tell mama, it's gotta be legit!

One thing's for sure: their windows are completely blocked!

Blocked windows.

There's almost more of these places than there are gypsy fortune tellers, these days!

(I am horrified by this kerning — horrified, I say!)

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Farewell, View

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking across East 7th Street, when I saw this truck in the empty lot at the corner of Second Avenue, with much scaffolding aside the building there:

Much scaffolding.

Maybe they're going to fix the building façade?

Last night, I passed by again, and saw that progress had been made:

A shroud.

The pirate, who lives on the second floor, is losing his view!

Soon enough, a new building will be constructed here, and we will all lose our view, of the pirate flag!


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Second Avenue Bike Lane

Back in late September, I was walking down Second Avenue, when I saw that the bike lane had been resurfaced:

Resurfaced bike lane.

Being avid bicyclists, East Villagers are always happy with bike-lane improvements!

Alas, it was not meant to last long.

Behold, as seen eight days ago:

Open trash can door blocking bike lane.

An open trash can door, with trash can protruding, was obstructing the bike lane!

Bicyclists had to think quickly to avoid hitting it:

Thinking quickly.

Maybe it was left open deliberately, to prevent bicyclists from riding through the puddle!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I was walking across East 4th Street this morning, when I saw this group of boxes on the sidewalk:

Group of boxes.

Here is a close-up:


In preparation for this post, I researched Invicta — it turns out that it's a brand of invincible watches.

Who would leave so many watches unattended?!

All of this took place in front of the soon-to-be beloved B&H Barber Shop:

B&H Barber Shop.

From bagels to photography equipment to haircuts, B&H has it all!

#eastvillage #4thstreet #bhbarbershop #invicta

Monday, October 16, 2017

Vegan Club

Rule #1 of Vegan Club: Don't talk about Vegan Club!

I guess that doesn't include posters, specifically these, seen on East 6th Street, eleven days ago:

Vegan Club posters.

Seriously though, half of veganism is talking about it!

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El Camino

Not all of the cool cars you see in the East Village are cars — likewise, not all are trucks.

Some are a combination of both!

Behold, an El Camino, seen two weeks ago alongside El Jardin del Paraiso, on East 4th Street:

Two weeks ago.

You might think that would be the last time I saw it.

Au contraire mon frère!

Here it was again, six days ago, parked on East 7th Street, alongside Tompkins Square Park:

Alongside Tompkins Square Park.

This is the car that Sterling Archer drives, after having lost his super spy car.

Now, do you know what really amazing? It was on this very day, in 1958, that Chevrolet first started selling the El Camino!

Happy Birthday, El Camino!

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Friday, October 13, 2017


There's a new name in graffiti stickers in the East Village, and that name is Dummy Tree!

I was walking across East 6th Street back in late September, when I saw this sticker on the back of a construction sign:

Stockholm Symdrome.

Of all the syndromes, Stockholm is my favorite!

A little further down the block, I saw another green sticker fixed to this ATM hood:

Another green sticker.

Here is a close-up:


Lick that toad?! Gross!

East Village Today strongly advises our readers not to lick any toads!

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